AAAC National President Dr. Vaughn Clagette
AAAC National President Dr. Vaughn Clagette

National Officers

President - Dr. Vaughn Clagette
1st VP (Program) - Helen Bowers
2nd VP (Finance) - Vacant
Secretary - Christina Royster
Treasurer - Alyssa P. Lyon
Historian - Latara Jones
Chaplain - Lynette Clark

Who We Are

The African American Alumni Council (AAAC) promotes core values of excellence, relationships, learning, diversity, traditions, and advocacy through its ongoing engagement of African American alumni.

Board of Directors

Byron T. Allen
John A. Cheatwood III
James Gleaton
Olivia Green
Donald Hatter
Isha Hutchinson
Christine L. McClure
Tracy Glenn Floyd
Jared McClain
Nicole E. Walker

Our Mission

The mission of the Pitt AAAC is to support the community of alumni of African descent, to strengthen their connection to the University of Pittsburgh, and to promote the recruitment and retention of African American students, faculty, staff, and administrators.


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